How can I help?

Want to help out? Here are some simple and super helpful things you can do!

1.  Say Hello! Send us a message or catch us after a show. We could always use some friendship and advice! Reach us, here, any way you like.

2.  Help us replace things that wear out. When we rehearse, play shows, and record, there's a lot of basic gear that snaps, breaks, or just stops working. We buy these things all the time. If you want to help out, here is an Amazon list of our essentials. Everything on the list will be used immediately and abused daily until it fails. These little things are immense.

3.  Help us keep things running. We are a completely independent band. Any cash that comes our way only becomes more music. If you want to help cover rehearsal space, a meal, gas for a tour, or some recording; we have a simple PayPal donation link here. Please, only do this if you can and really, really, really want to.

Or, if none of that fits your fancy, let us know what you have in mind. We are good listeners.

Gracias, Everybody!

The Blazing Rays of the Sun