The Blazing Rays of the Sun are four Los Angelenos who distill the sounds of trip-hop, post-rock, and r&b into an enveloping pop soundscape.  A tight group of brothers and long time friends, The Blazing Rays of the Sun is a live experience: patient, intimate, deep grooving, and overwhelmingly dynamic.  

They just released their debut EP, Young Love.  Self recorded in basements and bedrooms over the course of a year, this album is the result of a much longer process of becoming a band.  The Blazing Rays of the Sun had played together for a while before they stumbled across a sound that was uniquely their own -- a hybrid of each band member's disparate musical influences.  That sound is captured on Young Love and comes alive at their shows.

The Blazing Rays of the Sun are currently playing shows around California and preparing to record their second album. 


Andrew Figueroa Chiang
Albert Chiang
Abraham Kim
Jason Kim

Notable venues played
Microsoft Theater, Troubadour, Hotel Cafe

facebook: /theblazingrays
twitter: @theblazingrays
instagram: @blazingrays

4470 W Sunset Blvd #294
Los Angeles, CA 90027