The Blazing Rays of the Sun is an indie band from LA that crafts songs for getting lost and getting free. They combine the deep head space of Portishead, the soulful vocals of Justin Timberlake, and the cinematic scale of Sigur Rós into a cathartic pop experience. It’s a strange mix and it’s alluring.

Their debut record, Young Love, details frontman Andrew Figueroa Chiang’s journey through first heartbreak. A series of confessions, these songs bare the intimacies of longing, loss, and regret. It’s a moody narrative marked by joy; moments of love and peace are brief but fully realized.

These songs are patient. Ethereal vocals float through ghostly verses, then groovy choruses grow warm with wall-of-sound harmony. Songs achieve real emotional release and overwhelm with flourishes of weaponized post rock. The result is an immersive record — engaging from start to finish.

Young Love was self recorded in basements and bedrooms over the course of a year. It was mixed by Tony Lash (Hellogoodbye, Tahiti 80) and mastered by Alan Douches (Sufjan Stevens, LCD Soundsystem).

Live, The Blazing Rays of the Sun are a spiritual and sensual experience. They transform spaces: loud bars fall quiet, crowds groove heavy at the neck, listeners bathe in distortion and harmony. It is a singular mix of introspection and physical catharsis. 

It’s PopScape, it’s Cinematic Soul, it’s Indie Rock and R&B — the name doesn’t really matter. Just turn it up real loud.  Get lost and get free.